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German Weapons, Knots, Hangers, Parts, Etc.


WW2 German, 15-Round Carton of German K98k 8mm Rifle Cartridges

WW2 15 round Carton of German 8mm Cartridges as issued with the K98k Mauser rifle and the leather three pocket ammo Pouch. Exc Condition. $20.00

004137 WW1 German Large Brass Artillery Shell, Dated April 1911

WW1 German large Brass Artillery Shell. Measures 4" diameter by 20" tall. Dated April 1911.  Exc Condition. [Shown in Center to illustrate scale] $225.00

003944 WW1 Pair of German K98k Ammo Pouches

WW1 pair of German K98k Ammo Pouches, the pair, $120.00

003941 Post WW2, West German Holster for P-38 Pistol

Post WW2, West German Holster for P-38 Pistol. $75.00

003940 WW2 German Luger Holster

WW2 German Luger Holster. Loose strap on rear. Nice cond. $150.00


WW2 German Allied, Romanian Bayonet w/ Scabbard

WW2 German Modified CZ-24 Czech Bayonet with Scabbard. Reverse cross-guard bears the "z-in-circle" found on WW2 Romanian bayonets, issue number between grips. A Very Scarce bayonet. $125.00

003850 WW1 German Egg Grenade w/ Original Fuze

WW1 German Egg Grenade with Original Fuze. Exc condition. Classic WW1 German Grenade and getting hard to find. $245.00

003805 WW1 German 250-Round, Cloth 8mm Ammo Belt w/ Metal Spacers & Starting Tab

WW1 German 250 Round cloth 8mm Ammo Belt with metal spacers and starting tab. Exc Condition. A must to complete the German MG 08 Maxim Machinegun display. Getting very very hard to find anymore. Nice one. No tears or dry rot. $295.00

003703 WW2 German / Polish Radom, Brown Leather Holster w/ Magazine, and Waffenampt Markings

WW2 German / Polish Radom, Brown leather Holster with one original magazine in the Front pocket. Magazine has Waffenampt 359 code mark and magazine has serial No. 49084. The set, $225.00

003702 Post-WW2 German Small Walther PP or PPK Type, Black Leather Holster

Post-WW2 German Small Walther PP or PPK type Black leather Holster. Exc condition. $125.00


German 98k Bayonet w/ Flash Guard & Scabbard

Unmarked German 98k Bayonet with flash guard and Scabbard, Early Pre-WW2 Commercial Production. Overall Very good condition. $75.00


WW1 M1879 Reichs Long Barrel Revolver Holster, Very Scarce

WW1 M1879 Reichs Long Barrel Revolver holster. Russet Leather. Closing strap missing a couple inches and easily repaired. . Shows age but in very good overall condition. Very Scarce to find on the loose. $475.00


Metal Hardware for German Artillery Luger Shoulder Stock, Blued, Excellent

Metal Hardware for German Artillery Luger Shoulder Stock. Nice original blued finish. Excellent condition. $200.00


German Artillery Luger Shoulder Stock Metal Hardware, Needs refinishing

Metal Hardware for German  Artillery Luger Shoulder stock. Needs refinished. Complete. $125.00


WW2 German K-98 Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Jos Cortis Sn

WW2 German K-98 Bayonet and Scabbard. VG condition. Mismatched. As brought home from WW2 $95.00


WW2 NOS German Army Officer's Saber Knot, in Original Paper Wrapping

Original WW2 German Army Officer's Saber Knot in the paper wrapper w/ Original ties in place. Mint. $145.00


WW2 German Enlisted Land Customs Bayonet/Sword Knot

Original WW2 German Land Customs Enlisted Troddel - knot for Sword or Bayonet. Exc+ Condition. $100.00

002754 WW2 German Shell Casing, '39 dated

WW2 German Shell Casing dated 1939. Measures 6 1/4 inches diameter X 10 1/4 inches high. Excellent . $125.00

002630 WW2 Nazi Production, 10-rd. Carton, 8mm M30 Hungarian Rifle Ammo

WW2 10 round carton of 10 cartridges for 8mm M30 Hungarian rifle by the Nazis during WW2. Mint Condition. $20.00

002619 WW1 German M98/05 Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Unmarked

WW1 German 98/05 Butcher Bayonet. Devoid of any markings. Scabbard grimy but no dents. VG. Will clean with TLC. $150.00

002423 WW2 German Hard Shell P08 Luger Holster

Original WW2 German Hard Shell Original Army issue P08 Luger Holster. Nice condition. Original belt loops, closing strap, and pull strap for luger all in nice condition. Maker's name to light to make out. All original. Very Good condition. Original black leather. $275.00

002238 WW1 German Maxim Machine Gun Booster Soaking Can w/ Lid

WW1 Imperial German Maxim Machine Gun Muzzle Booster Soaking can with lid. Nice Condition. Very Scarce. Great find to display with your MG 08 Maxim Gun or MG 08/15 Maxim Gun and accessories. $100.00

002227 WW1 German 200-Gram Westfalit Composition Explosive Block, Inert

WW1 German 200 Gram Westfalit Composition Explosive block. Original. Inert. Wonderful Trench warfare piece of WW1 that came from a bunker on the Somme a few years ago!  $42.50

002226 WW2 German Glass Plate, For German Glass Mine

WW2 German Glass Plate for German Glass Mine. Excellent Condition. Rare, $35.00

002211 WW2 Hungarian Leather Ammo Pouch

Hungarian WW2 Pocket leather Ammo Pouch. Excellent Condition. $20.00/Each

002198 WW1 German Army Issue, 1Kg Westfalit Explosive Composition Block, Inert, RARE

WW1 German Army issue 1 KG Westfalit Composition Explosive blocks. Unloaded and excellent for display. Rare. $42.50

002098 M1938 Long German Dress Bayonet w/ Scabbard
M1938 German Dress Bayonet with Scabbard. Missing Frog Stud. VF/Exc condition. $100.00
001801 WW2 German Bayonet Frog

WW2 German Pattern Leather Bayonet Frog. Excellent Condition, No markings. $25.00 each

001449 1880's German Triangular Bayonet Leather Scabbard
1880s German Triangular Bayonet Leather Scabbard. Very fine overall Condition. $39.00
000985 WW2 K98 Mauser Take Down Tool
WW2 K98 Mauser German Takedown tool, disassembly of Floor Plate. Mint in the grease. $20.00
000984 WW2 German Oiler as used w/ K98 and G/K 43 Rifles
German WW2 Oiler as issued with the K98 and carried in the buttstock of G/K 43 rifles. Excellent Condition... $20.00
000914 West German Pistol Shoulder Holster
Post WW2 West German Pistol Shoulder Holster. Excellent Condition... $15.00
000425 WW2 German Ammo Belt Links

WW2 German belt of links for either MG-34 or MG-42 8mm Machinegun. Excellent Condition. $10.00

000394 WW1 German M1913 Kugel Grenade, Inert
WW1 German M1913 Kugel Hand Grenade with fuze. Shows age. Good Condition. Rare $225.00
000161 German Wooden Chamber Cleaning Rod, K-98

WW2 German Army Wooden rod for cleaning Chamber of K-98 Mauser, Excellent Condition. $10.00


German Headgear, Uniforms, Belts & Buckles, Boots/Shoes, Etc.
004127 WW1 German Feldgrau Enlisted Belt Buckle, Mint & Original

WW1 Mint Condition German Feldgrau Enlisted belt plate. Mint, Original, and retains 99% original finish. Choice. $89.00

004122 WW1 German M1917 Battle Damaged Helmet w/ Shell Hole in Top of Crown

WW1 German M1917 Battle Damaged helmet with shell hole in top of crown. Interesting piece. Attic find from old home of WW1 Veteran. Un-cleaned or monkey'd with. $195.00

004104 WW1 German M1916 Steel Helmet w/ Partial Leather Liner, Named

WW1 German M1916 Steel Helmet with partial Leather Liner. Named. Very Good Condition. Attic find. Never previously in the hands of a collector. Came with the 9lst Division Helmet below, straight out of the brush. $395.00

003980 WW2 German Parachute Silk Neck Scarf

German WW2 Parachute Silk Neck Scarf. $100.00


WW1 German Relic Trench Armor Breast Plate


WW1 German Relic Trench Armor. Classic piece for the WW1 Collection. Uncleaned as purchased from a museum on the Western front in Belgium about 35 years ago!   $550.00


WW1 German Leather Belt, 95cm, w/ Gott Mit Uns Buckle

WW1 German Leather Equipment Belt, Size 95cm, with original Steel grey Gott Mit Uns Belt plate. $200.00


WW1 German, Grey Enlisted Pickelhauben Spike Base, Original

WW1 German Base for Grey Spike Enlisted helmet, excellent condition, original. $49.00

002533 WW1/WW2 Transitional Issue German Helmet

WW1 German Helmet with WW2 German Liner and chin strap as reissued. Very Good Condition. $395.00

002204 WW2 German Army Ersatz Leather Shoes w/ Wood Soles

WW2 German Army issue Ersatz Leather Shoes with wood Soles. Exc Condition. Rare find for the WW2 Collector which shoes the determination of the WW2 German soldiers and army to persevere under very trying conditions. Superb addition to  the last ditch German Army display. Excellent Condition, The pair, $100.00

001977 WW2 German Heavy Leather & Felt Sentry Boots

WW2 German Set of heavy leather and Felt Sentry Boots. Very Good Condition. $200.00

001895 WW2 German M34 Civil Service Helmet

WW2 German M34 Civil Service/Police, Luftschutz, etc Helmet. No decals. Size 53 liner. Liner is in nice condition, and while complete with the chin strap it is broken and needs simple repair. Very good condition overall. $165.00 
001892 WW1 Grey Metal Trim Enlisted Prussian Pickelhauben / Spike Helmet

WW1 Enlisted Prussian Spike Helmet. Grey metal Trip. Body is Excellent. Marker marked and dated 1915. Needs just chinstrap and side buttons to complete. Has removable pattern spike. Size 53 cm.

Beautiful original condition. The best one we have seen in years. No crazing, and no extra holes outstanding condition for a 94 year old German helmet of the First World War. $895.00 

001601 WW2 German Sentry Over Boots, Black Leather w/ I.D. Tag
WW2 German Sentry Over Boots. Black Leather with I.D. Tag. Mothing to the felt. Still display well. $89.00
000817 WW2 German Army Maneuver Band Reversible Orange/Yellow
WW2 German Army Maneuver Band, Reversible Orange/Yellow, with 3 hooks for securing under rim of Helmet.  Helmet pictured is for display of band only. Excellent Original Issue and Excellent in Condition... $42.00
000798 German M1916 Leather Helmet Liner w/ Pads
Very nice detailed German M1916 Leather Helmet Liner with pads. A must if you have a Helmet missing the liner. $75.00


German Medals, Awards, Identity Discs, Insignia, Etc.


Lot of 2 WW2 Nazi Table Medals

Lot of 2 WW2 Table Medals, Musical related, Nazi Han's Richter & Anton Bruckner Medals. Fair condition, the pair. $30.00


WW2 Machine Embroidery German SA Sports Official's Armband

Original WW2 Machine Embroidery German SA Sports Official's Armband. Excellent Condition, no RZM tag. $64.50


WW2 German Infantry Assault Badge, "FZS" Marked

Orig. WW2 German Infantry Assault Badge. manufacturers initials within a circular border, "FZS", indicating manufacture by Fritz Zimmermann of Stuttgart... Genuine. Shown as compared to finish of Item# 002831 (Pictured in last photo on right... sold separately above)... $145.00

001944 German, Rothenburg, 1937 Tinnie

German, Rothenburg, 1937 Tinnie, original and in excellent condition.. $35.00


German Field Gear & Equipment, Etc.


WW2 German Cavalry Officer's Stirrups, 1-Pair

WW2 German Cavalry officer's Stirrups, the pair, $50.00


WW2 German Cavalry Horse Shoe Tool for Installing Cleats, Etc., Rare

WW2 German Cavalry Horse shoe tool for install cleats, etc. Rare. $50.00


WW2 German Set of Cavalry Iron Stirrups

WW2 German set of Cavalry iron Stirrups, $50.00


German Dragoon's Stirrup w/ Unit Markings

German Dragoon's Stirrup with Unit Markings. $50.00


WW2 Set of German Tiger Tank Prisms

Set of German Tiger Tank Prisms Brought home from WW2 by Veteran. Both Excellent Condition. The pair, $75.00

004089 WW2 German, M41 Bakelite Horse Gas Mask, Rare

Rare WW2 German M41 Bakelite Horse Gas Mask. Straps show age and missing snap-hooks. Needs Canisters to complete. These fit into the German Cavalryman's horse’s nose. Strange, If they would have doused the German Army with a little gas---given the millions of horses in service with them during WW2, the war would have been quickly over with horses backing up to Berlin as they try to fit these masks to the horses’ noses!  Interestingly, a horse only breaths through its nostrils. Very Rare. A German Cavalryman is one of most interesting impressions/collections one can put together for WW2. RARE!  $795.00

004017 Early WW2 German Rifle Cleaning Kit w/ Contents

Early WW2 German Pre-WW2 rifle cleaning Kit with Contents. Oiler marked ab43. The set, $75.00

003700 W2 German M-25, Set of 3, Cavalry Saddle Coat Straps

WW2 German M25 set of three Cavalry Saddle Coat Straps. Invariably always missing from these saddles. Set of three, $37.50

(Wanted to buy German WW1 and WW2 Horse Equipment, also seeking WW2 Japanese Cavalry Horse Equipment).


WW2 German Afrika Korps Dust Goggles

WW2 German Afrika Korps Dust Goggles. Excellent Condition. Great to display on German headgear, pith helmets, helmets, etc, etc. (or wear to the next party you go to!!!!!). $17.50


WW2 German 3-Piece Mess Utensil Kit

WW2 German3-Piece Utensil set, The Swastika has been removed when they were De-Nazified, Eagles are present, swastika's are "Boxed In" as see in photo. Excellent condition. $45.00/ea.


WW2 German Army Gas Mask w/ Can, SS-Rank & Name Inside Lid

WW2 German Army Gas Mask with Can. Has Bread bag strap attached for carrying. Original belt loop at side. Extra lenses inside. Also named to soldier on inside lid. Excellent condition. $275.00


WW2 German Gas Mask w/ Can, Straps & Named

WW2 German Gas Mask with carrying can and named to Unteroffizer Romer. complete with extra lenses. Can appears to be Luftwaffe Blue/Grey over Wehrmacht Green finish, Un-Researched. Filter dated 1939. The set, all original. $250.00


WW1 German Gew 98/98k Leather Belt Ammo Pouches

WW1 German Army Leather belt pouches for the Gew 98 rifle. Our pick. Each, $75.00

002418 Pre-WW2 German Russet Leather Entrenching Tool Carrier

Pre War WW2 German Russet Leather Entrenching tool Carrier for belt. Very good Condition. Your choice One only sewn and one has rivets. Nice condition. Each. $100.00

002271 WW2 German Combat Medic's Pouch

WW2 German Combat Medic's Pouch. Very Good / Very Fine Condition. $325.00

002262 WW2 German Army Issue Bicycle Pump

WW2 German Army issue Bicycle Pump. Excellent Condition. $39.50

002241 German/Austrian Small Frame Back Pack

West German and/or Austrian Small Frame Backpack. OD. Excellent Overall Condition. Great find for re-enactor or for Hunters and sportsman. $25.00

002193 WW1 Austro/Hungarian, Styer Mannlicher Leather Ammo Pouch

WW1 Austrian Hungarian Styer Mannlicher Leather Ammo Pouch. Very good condition. $25.00

002174 German Army Leather Y-Straps

German Army Leather Y Straps. Post War manufacture but about identical to WW2. Great find for the German Re-enactors. Mint Condition. $35.00

001974 WW2 German Issue M1934 Fur Backpack w/ Shoulder Straps

WW2 German Army issue Model 1934 Fur backpack with shoulder straps. Excellent condition. $200.00

001973 WW2 German Issue M1934 Fur Backpack, Dated 1939

WW2 German Army issue Model 1934 Fur backpack dated 1939 with the metal hooks for attaching to the A-Frame. Excellent condition. $200.00

001240 WW2 Set of Two German Issue Tent Poles
WW2 Set of two German issue Tent Poles. Nice Condition. $20.00
000732 German Cow Horn NCO's Whistle, WW2
WW2 German Cow horn tip NCO's Whistle. Excellent, original condition... $39.00
000623 German Esbit Stove

German Esbit Stove. Probably Post War but same as WW2. Used, Nice Condition. $10.00

000384 WW2 Luftwaffe Breadbag Strap

WW2 German Luftwaffe Breadbag strap. Blue Grey. Also used for Camouflage purposes on helmet. Excellent Condition. $49.00

000383 WW2 German Army Breadbag Strap

WW2 German Army issue Breadbag strap. Light Grey/Green Color. Also used for Camouflage purposes on helmet. Excellent Condition. $49.00

000012 Swiss Camouflage Tent Pole & Stake Bag

WW2 Swiss Army Camouflage Tent pole and stake bag. Great for WW2 German Re-enactors. Original. Excellent condition. $9.00


All Other German Items
003946 WW2 German Prophylactic in Original Issue Paper Envelope

WW2 Original German Prophylactic in original paper envelope. $5.00

003945 WW2 German EFKA Cigarette Rolling Papers

WW2 German EFKA Cigarette Rolling Papers. The packet, $5.00


WW2 German POW Trench Art Ration Can

WW2 POW Trench Art Ration Can, Ludweigsburg 1945 with Edelweiss to Lid. $50.00

002504 "The German Sniper" by Peter Senich, Out of Print, Rare

The German Sniper Book by Peter Senich. Very Good Condition. Out of print, Rare $75.00