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WW2 V-Mail Envelopes, Unused Condition


WW2 V-Mail Envelopes. Original Mint unused condition. Have 15, price per each $8.00

002277 WW2 US Army Multi-Color Sewing Thread for the Housewife

WW2 US Army Multi colored Sewing thread for the Housewife. Mint condition. $15.00

002263 WW2 US Army Issue Shaving Mirror, WAC's & Army Nurse Corps Personnel

WW2 US Army issue Shaving Mirror as issue to WAC's and Army Nurse Corps Members. NOS Condition. $20.00

001979 WW2 US Army OD Cloth Handkerchief

WW2 US Army OD Cloth handkerchief. Excellent Condition. Nice Personal item for display. $15.00

001904 WW2 Sealed Packet of US Issue Army Toilet Paper
WW2 Package of US Army Toilet Paper in original sealed packets. A must for the GI Personal display. Excellent Condition sold per individual packet. $20.00

An example that was open is shown here, so you can view contents. 

001795 WW2 US Army Squibb Tooth Powder
WW2 US Army Squibb Tooth Powder. Mint. Full contents. Great find for the Personal display. $20.00 Each
001794 WW2 US Army issue can of Kolynos Tooth Powder

WW2 US Army issue can of Kolynos Tooth Powder. Mint Condition. Great find for the GI personal display. $20.00 Each

001757 US Army Issue Barracks Slippers w/ Case, WW2 Unissued
WW2 US Army issue Barracks Slippers with case. Unissued Condition. Nice personal item for the GI display. The set, $12.00  
000787 Tube of Hexamine Tablets, Mint, WW2 Issue
WW2 Tube of Hexamine Tablets for heating rations. Mint Condition...$8.50
000780 US Army P38 Can Opener, in Original Packet
US Army P38 Can Opener in original packet. Mint Condition... $8.50
000775 WW2 US Army Combat Medic's Scissors for First Aid Field Kit
WW2 US Army Combat Medic's Scissors for first aid Field Kit. Still sealed in protective covering. Mint Condition... $22.50
000774 6 Color Assortment of Thread, for GI Sewing Kit, WW2
WW2 6 color assortment of thread for GI Soldier's Sewing Kit. Mint Condition...$10.00
000726 Packet of Howard's Razor Blades, for Shaving, WW2
WW2 Packet of Howard's Razor Blades for shaving. Mint condition. Nice GI personal item. $5.00
000688 FSSF, First Special Service Force, Kessler's Beer
First Special Service Force Kessler's FSSF Beer for 1942-1992 40th Anniversary commemorative Reunion. Sealed. Great display piece. $20.00
000685 WW2 Package of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes, White Package
WW2 Package of Lucky Strike Cigarettes. This is the later war White package after Lucky removed the Green dye for the War Cause. Scarce. $60.00
000684 WW2 British Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes, Military Issue, RARE
WW2 British Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes. Military issue. Mint, Rare. Also widely smoked by all GIs stationed in England. $45.00
000683 Pall Mall Cigarettes, Victory "V" Pack, WW2 Originals
WW2 Original sealed packet of Pall Mall Cigarettes with the Victory "V" on side. Excellent Condition. Scarce. $45.00
000675 WW2 US Army Sunglasses in Case
WW2 US Army Sunglasses in Case. These clip over the soldier's regular glasses. Mint $20.00
000670 WW2 Matches for Survival Kits, Cigarettes, Etc.
WW2 Packet of Matches for use with Cigarettes, Survival Kits, etc. Mint Condition...$3.50
000668 Early - WW2 GREEN Pack of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes, Unopened
WW2 Original Package of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes in the GREEN package. These were Early War before Lucky Strike removed the green for the War Case. Unopened Perfect for GI Display, not recommended for use. Scarce...priced per each package $100.00
000666 WW2 Pack of Chesterfield Cigarettes, Unopened
WW2 Packet of Chesterfield Cigarettes, Unopened, Excellent Condition. Great addition to any GI display. $45.00
000658 Original WW2 Molle Brushless Shaving Cream
Original WW2 Carton with Molle Brushless Shaving Cream. Mint Condition, $29.00
000656 WW2 Book of 10 US Navy "PULL" Matches
WW2 Book of 10 US Navy "PULL" matches. Great find for Navy personal
display. Rare, $10.00
000655 WW2 Book of 10 Army Air Force "PULL" Matches
WW2 Book of 10 Army Air Force "PULL" matches. Great for personal display
with cigarettes. Mint Condition, $10.00
000654 WW2 US Army Soldier's HBT Money Belt

WW2 US Army Soldier's Personal HBT Cloth Valuables or Money Belt for wear under uniform. Great find for the personal display. Unused Condition... $24.50

000648 WW2 US Army Boot Dubbing

WW2 US Army Can of Boot Dubbing 1-1/2 OZ. Can. Excellent Condition. $8.00

000645 WW2 US Army Clear Plastic Dog Tag Holders

WW2 US Army Clear Plastic Dog Tag Holders with attaching rings. Mint Condition, $10.00 Each.

000616 WW2 US Army Insecticide Powder

WW2 US Army Insecticide Powder for Crawling Insects. Grey Can. Full Contents. Rare, $20.00

000575 WW2 Large Bar of Salt Soap

WW2 Large Bar of Salt Water Soap. Directly out of the crate. $10.00

000509 WW2 US Army Camo Face Paint

WW2 US Army Camo Face Paint. Stick form. Two color light green and Loam. Mint Condition. $8.00

000404 WW2 US Rubberized Waterproof Food Bag, Jungle Use

WW2 US Rubberized Waterproof Food Bag for Jungle use, Excellent Condition. Super to display with K-rations. $37.50

000345 WW2 US Army 8th AAF Personnel, Valuables Bag, 1943 dated

WW2 US Army Valuables Bag issued to 8th AAF personnel. 1943 dated. Excellent Condition, Numbering on Bags will vary, our choice. $12.50 each

000271 WW2 Army Issue Coat Hanger

WW2 US Army issue Coat Hanger. For the collector who has Everything. Excellent Condition. $20.00

000250 WW2 Set of K-Rations, Camouflage Set of Three

WW2 Set of K-Rations. Camouflage set. Set of three, EXACT Reproduction. No contents.$42.50

000229 US Army Mosquito Repellant

WW2 US Army small bottle of Mosquito Repellant for Jungle Kit, etc. Excellent Condition, with Label. $8.00 each

000217 US Army Soldiers Wash Basin, Khaki

WW2 US Army Khaki Soldier's Personal Canvas Wash Basin. Unissued Conditions, Markings may vary from one pictured. $20.00

000209 WW2 Personal Brush

WW2 Personal Brush for use by Soldier. Very Good Condition. $10.00

000193 US Army Ice Cream Carton

WW2 US Army Ice Cream Carton. Unissued. $10.00

000185 US, Jar of Prim Deodorant, WW2

WW2 US Jar of Prim Deodorant. Nice personal item. $20.00

000184 WW2 US Personal Effects Bag, GRU Issue

WW2 US Personal Effects Bag. Used to place valuables off the deceased soldier by
graves registration personnel for return to family. Fortunately, unused condition. $20.00

000166 US Army Issue Tobacco Pouch

WW2 US Army issue Tobacco pouch for pipe and loose cigarette Tobacco. Mint Condition.  $20.00

000164 Hexamine Heating Tablets

WW2 Hexamine heating Ration Tablets in Tube, Mint Condition. $8.00

000103 WW2 US Army Boot Dubbing

WW2 US Army Can of Boot Dubbing. Still fully useable. Excellent Condition. $9.00

000083 Packet of Brown Celluloid Replacement Buttons

WW2 Packet of brown celluloid replacement buttons. packet of 12. Mint Condition $3.50

000062 US Army Soldier's Housewife

WW2 US Army Soldier's Housewife and/or Toilet Case for personal hygiene items. $10.00

000041 WW2 US Army Issue Insecticide Powder

WW2 US Army 2 Ounce can of Insecticide Powder, Louse. As issued to all US GIs in all theaters of WW2. Unissued Condition. $12.50

000037 WW2 US Army Sun Burn Cream

WW2 US Army Sun Burn Cream. 2 ounce. Can. Unissued condition. each $5.00

000035 US Army Can of Fuel Heating Tablets

WW2 US Army Can of Fuel - Tablets for Heating Rations. NOS Condition. Fully useable by re-enactors. Please specify, $3.50 per can or two for $5.00

000016 Tin of US Army Insect Powder

WW2 Tin of US Army Mayfair Insect Powder as issued to US Soldiers in all theaters of war during WW2. Excellent Condition. $15.00

000008 WW2 US Army Athletic Supporter

WW2 US Army Athletic Supporter and/or Jock Strap. Large size and in unissued condition. Widely issued to US Airborne personnel. $29.00