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Rare, WW2 US Paratrooper's RT-37/PPN2 Eureka-Beacon Set w/ Original Padded Jump Case, Superb Condition!!

Rare WW2 US Paratrooper's Pathfinder's RT-37/PPN2 Eureka-Beacon set with original padded Jump case. Both are in superb Condition.   This is a classic item that was put in place by Airborne Pathfinders that set up the drop zones for the Para’s that came on the C-130 Cargo planes to jump over Normandy. The PPN2/RT37 allowed the planes to stay on course. These were a top secret item.  They have a red button on the front of the case with contained an explosive charge so these sets could be blown up / destroyed if capture was imminent by  German Forces. Missing from even the most advanced WW2 Airborne collections and Museums. Very Rare and this set is in superb condition. $2995.00

002695 Vietnam War Issue Mapping Rulers, Navy Seal related

Vietnam War US government Mapping rulers, etc. Came from Navy Seal Team 1 and UD-13 Gary Smith. $42.50

002667 WW2 US Army PG-106-C/B Pigeon Vest, as Issued to Paratroopers

WW2 US Army Pigeon Vest PG-106-C/B. Original and Like new Condition. Widely issued to Paratroopers who were out of radio range (easily done during WW2). $125.00

002629 Vietnam War, CIA Fire Starter Demolition Kit, Very Rare, SOG Issue

Vietnam War  CIA Fire Starter Kit for Demolition  Shown in the Keith Melton Book on page 81. Contains strip of Fire starters and original instruction sheet. Original can with lid. Has been opened Rare. Issued to SOG Personnel. Very Rare $250.00

002261 CIA / Special Forces CLAM, Vietnam War, Very Rare

CIA and/or Special Forces Vietnam CLAM  with two places for time fuzes on sides. Has four Magnets on backside to affix to engine, vehicle, Railroad car, or anything made of metal so that when the fuzes ignited it would explode to the item it was attached to. Original and in unissued condition. Very Rare. $200.00/Each

002259 WW2 US Army Issued, Sniper's Tree Climbing Spikes, Japanese Pattern

WW2 US Army issue Tree climbers for use by US Snipers as copied from the Japanese Sniper's Tree Climbing spikes. Complete with straps and copies of identifying paperwork. Excellent Condition. Original and Very Rare US Sniper's item from WW2 to display with 03A4 Remington Sniper, and either the M1C or M1D...$395.00

001789 CIA Caltrop, Vietnam War

Rare Vietnam War CIA Caltrop as dropped on enemy road net works, fields, etc in Vietnam to impede enemy movement. Unissued Condition. Rare and original, $39.00 Each.

001769 CIDG, OD Belt, US Made, Vietnam War
Vietnam War OD CIDG Belt, US made. Excellent addition to your Vietnam US or Clandestine militaria collection. $25.00
001768 SKS Bandoleer, CIA Made, Vietnam War, Rare
Vietnam War US CIA Made SKS Bandoleer. Excellent Condition. Rare $35.00
001767 CIDG, Black Belt, US Made, Vietnam War
Vietnam War Black CIDG Belt. US Made, Excellent Condition. $25.00  
001710 WW2 US Army Parachutist Griswold Case, for M1 Garand/Carbine
WW2 US Army Parachutist Griswold Case for the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine. Like New Condition. Zipper like new. For the Collector who wants the best. $450.00
001667 WW2 OSS Stamped Metal Guard for Drop Knives, Trench Knives
WW2 OSS Stamped metal Guard for use with the sword/Machete made from Sword Blade. Original and overrun from the Manufacture during WW2. parkerized. Excellent Condition. Great find for the project person. $75.00
001576 US 5th Special Forcers Stiletto w/ Original Sheath, Vietnam War
Original "Japan Sword" Company marked Vietnam War US 5th Special Forces Stiletto  with original sheath. Excellent Condition. In addition to blade markings it has the Special Forces emblem on Guard with "De Oppresso Liber" markings which means to liberate from oppression. These were presentation pieces to 5th Special Forces men in Vietnam.

A must have piece for the Special Forces Vietnam Collection. Beautiful original condition. $1450.00

001013 US Special Forces Garrote, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Special Forces Garrote. Also issued in survival and escape and evasion kits. Mint $32.00
000999 US Navy Seal Team Stoner Magazine Pouch, Vietnam War, RARE
Vietnam War US Navy Seal Team Stoner Magazine Pouch. Mint and Original. Rare...$75.00
000987 Vietnam War SOG, Special Forces, CIA Belt Buckle Compass
Rare Vietnam War SOG, Special Forces, CIA Belt Buckle Compass. Has magnetized needle in roller. Great find for the Vietnam War US Survival and Escape and Evasion collection. $85.00
000961 WW2 US Army Survival, E&E, Escape & Evasion Compass, Scarce
WW2 US Army Survival Escape and Evasion compass. These were issued in the various survival and escape kits. A must find for those restoring these kits or collecting this materiel. Scarce. $20.00
000894 WW2 OSS Issue Garrote w/ Original Case, RARE
WW2 OSS Issue Garrote with its original OD herringbone Twill cloth Case. Excellent and Original. Rare... $350.00
000900 "Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces", QMC Historical Study No. 5 Feb. 1944
Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces, QMC Historical Study No. 5 Feb. 1944. 166 pages. Illustrated. Superb source reference on Arctic Equipment, Mountain Equipment, Desert Equipment, Jungle Equipment, Airborne Equipment, Amphibian Equipment, and Cold Climate Equipment for the Air Forces and Armoured Commands. A must have book for First Special Service Force and 10th Mountain Division collectors, etc. $39.00
000862 Vietnam War Anti Intrusion Sensor Device w/ Shoulder Strap, Rare
Rare Vietnam War Anti Intrusion Sensor Device with Shoulder Strap and aerial. Tag is written in both English and Vietnamese. Like New Condition. $225.00
000824 WW2 US Airborne Paratrooper, Pathfinder RT-37/PPN Beacon Device
WW2 US Airborne Paratrooper Pathfinder RT-37/PPN 2 Beacon Device as used for guiding the landing of airborne Personnel into Normandy, etc. Complete with the padded bag. Minor storage dents on case. No other accessories except for the Padded Drop Case. Superb WW2 Airborne piece of Museum Quality. $2350.00
000785 WW2 Airborne First Aid Packet, as tied to Helmet Net
Exact Repro WW2 Airborne First Aid Packet for tying to the Helmet Net or for Aviation personnel that tied them to the parachute Harness. Excellent Condition... $20.00
000698 WW2 British No. 75 Hawkins Mine
Exact Repro WW2 British No. 75 Hawkins Mine. Issued to all WW2 British and
US Airborne Paratroopers. Complete with cloth leg ties. $75.00
000695 Vietnam War Flechettes for Trench Shotgun & Artillery Shells
Vietnam War Flechettes. These were used in both 12 Gauge Trench Shotgun rounds and Artillery Shells. Excellent Condition...lot of 25 for $5.00
000693 WW2 US Army, OSS, Clandestine Xmas Tree Caltrop, Used on Sand
WW2 US Army/OSS Clandestine Xmas Tree Tire spike/caltrop. Used on sand to puncture tires. Rare, Original and Excellent. $47.50
000692 WW2 US Army, OSS, Tubular Black Steel Caltrop
WW2 US Army/OSS Tubular Black Steel Caltrop for use on roads to puncture tires. Excellent Condition, Rare and Original... $47.50
000509 WW2 US Army Camo Face Paint

WW2 US Army Camo Face Paint. Stick form. Two color light green and Loam. Mint Condition. $8.00

000480 WW2 Rubberized US Army Combat Service Gas Mask Bag

WW2 Black Rubberized US Army Combat Service Gas Mask Bag. Note that it has grommet holes for affixing tie strings. No ties or mask. Excellent Condition. Rare. $50.00

000404 WW2 US Rubberized Waterproof Food Bag, Jungle Use

WW2 US Rubberized Waterproof Food Bag for Jungle use, Excellent Condition. Super to display with K-rations. $37.50

000341 WW2 US Army Jungle Flotation Bladders

WW2 US Army Jungle Flotation Bladders. Very Good Condition. $29.00 Each.

000333 WW2 US Bungee Cords for Parachute Packs

WW2 US Bungee Cords/Shock Cords, for use with all the various Parachute Packs. Very Nice Condition. Lot of 6, $12.00

000298 WW2 US Airborne Orange Marker Light, for Cargo Loads

WW2 US Airborne Orange marker Light for Cargo loads. Used for finding and identifying equipment in drop zones. Excellent Condition, $62.00

000270 Vietnam War, '69 Date, Special Forces, Mtn. Troop Cooking Pots

Vietnam War 1969 dated Special forces Mtn troop cooking pot with lid and inner pot. Excellent. $32.50

000264 Vietnam War, US Bamboo Antenna

Vietnam War US Bamboo Antenna for Seismic Detection Unit. Intended for use on Ho Chi Min Trail. Excellent Condition. Rare. $75.00

000223 US Army Piano Wire, for making Garrotes

US Army Piano Wire. used by troops for making Garrotes for killing enemy sentries, etc. Excellent Condition. $12.50

000032 US Army Chieu Hoi Plastic Magazine Bag

Vietnam War US Army Chieu Hoi plastic magazine protective bag. Used to protect Colt M16 Magazines with Chieu Hoi open arms message was a massive PsyOp's campaign aimed at persuading Viet Cong guerrillas to change allegiances. Mint Condition. One dozen for $10.00