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WW1 US Model 1917 Two Man Six Ton Light Tank

This US Model 1917 2-Man 6-ton Light Tank which was copied from the French FT-17 Tank is from the personal collection of Hayes Otoupalik




FT-17 Renault

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US Model 1917 Light Tank's 37mm Gun, as removed for routine maintenance.

Right Side View, 37mm Gun

Right Side of the US Model 1917 2 man 6-ton light tank's Main Armament 37mm Gun complete, as removed from the turret for maintenance.

In this view you can clearly see the weighted counter balanced steel shoulder stock. Complete with the shield to protect the Gunner's head from the 37mm gun's recoil. And the attached box for adjusting the weight of the shoulder stock to counter balance the gun when it is mounted in place within the turret.

Also clearly visible is the handle to open and close the gun's breech. As well as the sheet steel pistol grip for aiming the gun, and its rear thumb mounted trigger.

The Brass mounting collar is also clearly visible mounted to the front of the shoulder stock. And is the hard point at which the gun is bolted into the turret.

Located just beneath the barrel is the cylinder containing the recoil spring, and its glycerin lubricant. Between it and the barrel is the rail assembly with its attached traversing band around the middle section of the gun's barrel.

Left Side View, 37mm Gun

Left Side of the US Model 1917 2 man 6-ton light tank's Main Armament 37mm Gun complete, as removed from the turret for maintenance.

Of note visible from the Left Side / Gunner's Side, are the L-shaped grip to adjust positioning of the gun for aiming, and support while loading. As well as the mounting sleeve for the Telescopic Sight for the 37mm gun.

Note positioning of the Telescopic Sight being mounted within the mounting ring. And positioned in place with four set screws to allow for minimal movement of the sight during operation/firing of the gun.

The WW1 M1911 .45 Auto is shown for size comparison. Along with original examples of the 37mm Solid Shot Shell, and Explosive Contact Shell.

Various Views of this US Model 1917 2-man 6-ton Light Tank




This FT-17 Two Man Tank was featured on Lock 'N Load with R. Lee Ermey in July, 2009.

000702 US Model 1917 and/or French FT-17 Six Ton Tank 1 hour DVD

US Model 1917 and/or French FT-17 Two Man Six Ton tank one hour DVD of Hayes Otoupalik's original and operational WW1 Tank and its live firing 37mm Cannon being taken through its paces in a WW1 reenacting scene! Incredible! $24.50

Original WW1 Insignia & Collar Devices as worn by US Army Tank Corps Personnel

001142 WW1 French Tank Corps Sleeve patch, 2nd Motor Maintenance Regt.
WW1 French Tank Corps Sleeve Patch with embroidered FT-17 two man 6 ton tank. These patches also worn by members of the US 2nd Motor Maintenance Regiment that serviced the French tanks. Excellent Condition, Original. $32.00
001122 WW1 US Tank Corps Company A Collar Disc
WW1 Company A Tank corps collar disc, Screw-back, Excellent Condition... $125.00
001121 WW1 US 345th Tank Battalion Collar Disc
WW1 345th Tank Battalion collar Disc. Screw-back. Excellent Condition... $125.00
001119 WW1 US Tank Corps, 2nd Pattern Officer's Shirt Insignia
WW1 Tank Corps 2nd Pattern Officer's Shirt Device. Excellent Condition... $65.00
001118 WW1 US Tank Corps, 1st Pattern Officer's Shirt Device
WW1 Tank Corps lst Pattern Officer's Shirt Device, Excellent Condition... $65.00
001115 WW1 US, Private 1st Class Front View Tank Corps Cap Device, Rare
WW1 Rare Private lst Class Front view Tank corps Cap Device. Screw-back. Excellent Condition... $125.00
001114 WW1 US, NCO Tank Corps Cap Badge, Front View, Rare
WW1 Rare NCO Tank corps Cap Badge with wreath and front view Tank. Screw-back.  Excellent Condition... Rare $250.00
001113 WW1 US, Front View Tank, Enlisted Collar Disc, 1st Pattern
WW1 lst Pattern Front View Tank Enlisted disc. Screw-back. Excellent Condition... $85.00
001112 WW1 US, Side View Tank, Enlisted Collar Disc, 2nd Pattern
WW1 2nd Pattern Side View Tank Enlisted disc. Screw-back. Excellent Condition... $75.00
001111 WW1 US, Tank Corps Officer's Collar Insignia, 2nd Pattern
WW1 US Tank Corps officer's Side view 2nd Pattern brass with pin-backs. Large size. Side of tank with the wreath and wyvern dragons below. Excellent+ Condition... $250.00
001110 WW1 US, Tank Corps Officer's Collar Insignia, 1st Pattern
WW1 US Tank Corps Officer's Front view First Pattern brass. Pin-back. Mint, original. The pair, $200.00